Curiosity's Discovery

By Nancy Derey Riley

debut picture book


Publication date 11/10/20
ISBN-Hardcover: 9781735737102
Paperback: 9781735737119

CURIOSITY'S DISCOVERY is a rhyming picture book for children 4-8 years old and appeals to children who love robots, science, and space exploration.

Curiosity, the robot rover, has searched Mars for signs of life for years. When she hears unusual sounds, she zooms off to discover the source. She must figure out the strange code and find the sender before the transmission disappears forever.

With fun rhyme and colorful illustrations, CURIOSITY’S DISCOVERY takes the reader on a mystery adventure on Mars as the trusty rover hears an unknown radio signal. She discovered an older rover, Spirit, just as his batteries crash and his transmission ends. Now, she must revive
him if she has any chance of having a friend.

The story explores the themes of perseverance, resourcefulness, and friendship. At the back of the book are fun facts about the planet, Mars, the NASA Mars rover program, and Morse code. It includes links to additional resources for curious kids, educators, and caregivers.



Morse Code

Video of the author, Nancy, reading a segment of her book:


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What they say...


2nd Grade Teacher
Dora Schools, New Mexico

“I absolutely love the book. The pictures are great. I love the rhyming (kids love that too). I think she took a difficult topic for kids to grasp and put it in a way that they will understand and love! I will wait anxiously to see it on our library shelves so I can check it out and read it to my kiddos!” 


11 year old
Wichita, Kansas 

“I read the book [to her brothers] that we got from Nancy. It is such a good book. You should read it sometime!” 

Soumya Sreehari for readers' favorite


What is it like to be on a faraway planet all alone? When the only connection back to Earth is via satellite communication? That is exactly the situation faced by Curiosity – the rover on
Mars. In this hugely appealing story of Curiosity’s Discovery, Nancy Derey Riley takes us through a journey of finding a friend on a foreign planet. Curiosity has been on her own on Mars for many years, doing her job day in and day out. She longs for a friend and keeps her antennas sharp for any calls. She gets a weak signal one day and sets forth to find the source of that signal. Does she find the friend she is looking for? What happens when she finds the source of the signal? This forms the rest of the story.

Aimed at children of ages 4 to 8 years, Curiosity’s Discovery by Nancy Derey Riley is a
picture book of rhymes. Nancy uses her imagination and creativity to weave a beautiful story of the robot rover Curiosity and another long-lost rover Spirit. Using rhymes as her
storytelling tool, Nancy narrates a heartwarming story of Curiosity and her quest for friendship on the lonely planet of Mars. With stunning illustrations and a simple storyline, Curiosity’s Discovery wins the hearts of children and grown-ups alike. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the story – the poetic narration, the plot of the story, the brilliant illustrations, and the fun facts about Mars, the rovers, and Morse code. It is a wonderful book to read along with children and makes a great bedtime storybook. I highly recommend it to adults too, for a fun and engaging evening or weekend read.