Butterfly Inn

By Nancy Derey Riley 

Butterflies are beautiful, fascinating, and in trouble.
What can a school class do to help? 

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Enjoy playing and singing multiple verses.

Find the Squirrel

Can you find the squirrel on multiple pages in the story?

Plant a Garden

Ideas and suggestions to help butterflies live and eat.


Butterfly Inn

Butterflies are beautiful, fascinating, and in trouble. What can a school class do to help?

An elementary class visits a local butterfly pavilion and learns about butterflies and their habitat. They discover that butterflies need help, so they build a butterfly garden at their school.

Told in fun rhyme, with a refrain of questions and answers, BUTTERFLY INN follows the class as they build a garden. When butterflies arrive, the class watches the life cycle of the butterfly from eggs and hungry caterpillars through metamorphosis into adults.

Nancy Derey Riley’s lovely illustrations show children they can help butterflies and other pollinators. 

Nancy’s niece, Jennifer Martinez, an elementary school music teacher, turned the story into a song complete with sheet music and guitar chords. You’ll be flitting like a butterfly after you learn it. Plus, there are plenty of butterfly facts and gardening tips for eager readers, budding entomologists, teachers, and caregivers.


Reader’s Favorite Review by Susan van der Walt

In BUTTERFLY INN, Nancy Derey Riley teaches little ones all about butterflies. They will learn about the butterfly’s life cycle, the many butterfly species, the food they eat, their habitat, and how they survive the winter months. This picture book shows schools how they can plan and grow a garden with plants that will attract different butterfly species. I love how Nancy Derey Riley tells the story using rhyming words, making it fun to read aloud for kids to listen to it. Children will learn many new words about butterflies. 

I love the pictures of different butterflies with a tag showing the English and Latin names. The book also has images with the names of some of the garden plants. Children will love to listen and sway to the song made from this story. BUTTERFLY INN will help children become more aware of nature and our responsibility to preserve it. The book also shows them an easy way to make a difference by creating a small butterfly garden at home or school.

Guest Author Visits

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Classroom Visits (customized for age group and class)

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2. Sing song, teach song to class -or- discuss butterflies and their habitats -or- discuss building a butterfly garden -or- coloring pages / craft activity, story writing
3. Signed books donated to classroom / library
4. Opportunity for parents to purchase personalized books


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