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Just finished my latest children’s story, Chaska and the Cataclysm, my retelling of an Inca great flood story. Here is an excerpt from it:

Lightning crackled across the night sky startling Chaska awake. Booming thunder rang in his ears. Rain pelted down as he galloped for cover, his colorful ear tassels flying in the wind.

“Chaska, stop!” a voice commanded above the storm. “Do not let the thunder god frighten you.”

The young llama skidded to a stop, mud covering his legs to his knees. He squinted into the storm. A mighty llama strode from the fog, his fur the colors of the rainbow. …

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Author: NancyRiley

After a 32-year career as a wildlife biologist with the federal government with various agencies, I retired to the foothills of northern Colorado. I am close to my alma mater, Colorado State University. As some people say, I'm busier now than ever. I write adult and children's fiction and nonfiction books, stories, and articles. My goal is to entertain, inspire, and educate and I hope to be published - soon!