Tomato Update!

Hi Everyone! I felt that Mother’s Day was the perfect day to update you on my tomato DIY. My plants have grown and Nancy has given plenty away to her friends. We decided today was the day to transplant some into their big pots.

Look how tall my tomatoes have grown. They’re about 10 inches tall.




Nancy and I chose these two pots to be the ones we transplant today. I think they’re perfect!


Nancy peeled back the peat pot sides and settled the plants into the larger clay pot. Then she added potting soil around them and packed down the new soil. After that, we gave them a big drink of water.








After we watered them, Nancy carefully pushed the tomato cages into the clay pots. The cages support the plants as they grow. They support the tomatoes when they grow too. I can hardly wait!











Now, we keep them watered, wait for them to bloom, and watch them grow some yummy tomatoes!

Author: NancyRiley

After a 32-year career as a wildlife biologist with the federal government with various agencies, I retired to the foothills of northern Colorado. I am close to my alma mater, Colorado State University. As some people say, I'm busier now than ever. I write adult and children's fiction and nonfiction books, stories, and articles. My goal is to entertain, inspire, and educate and I hope to be published - soon!