Dollie’s Tomato DIY Update 03/16/2017

Hi everyone! Remember on March 1, I posted about my experiment to grow tomatoes from tomato slices? Well, I’m excited to report that – it works!

I planted the slices just like the video directed and then I went on vacation to the Grand Canyon. I left my pots with plastic covers over them to keep the soil moist and warm. When I came home and peeked under the plastic, there were a few seedlings popping up! Now there are bunches. When they grow a bit, I’ll have to thin them to just three plants in each pot. I’m keeping my hooves crossed that I keep doing things right! Has anyone else tried this yet? Let me know, please!

The plastic bags I used to make plastic tents for my tomato seeds. They kept the soil moist and warm.
Here I am checking on my experiment. Can you see the little seedlings?
This picture was taken yesterday, March 16, 2017, just over two weeks after I planted the tomato slices. Note to self – next time plant less slices or thinner slices!
This is a second pot. Tons of seedlings! I’ll have to share with friends who like tomatoes as much as I do! Yum!





















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