Dollie’s Tomato DIY- An Easy Way to Grow Tomato Seedlings



Hi everyone. Not every llama likes tomatoes, but I do! The above video from The Wannabe Homesteader site shows a simple way to start tomato plants from a sliced up tomato. I thought this would be a wonderful thing for children to try at home, with a parent’s help to slice the tomato!

So with the help of Nancy, I’m trying this and will update everyone on my success. If you try it too, please pass along your pictures.

Everything you need to start this tomato growing experiment. Peat pots, tomatoes, starting soil, cutting board, and knife.
I opened the starting soil and inspected it. Looks good!
Nancy filled the pots and sliced the tomatoes for me. She did a good job!
I gently packed the soil into the pots and laid the slices of tomato carefully on top.
Nancy covered the tomato slices with a thin layer of starting soil and gently pressed it down. I can almost taste my tomatoes!
I watch as Nancy carefully pours water into each pot to get the soil moist. I’m excited now!



































Let’s hope we see something sprout up soon!

Signed, Dollie Llama


Author: NancyRiley

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