Dollie’s Tomato DIY Update 03/16/2017

Hi everyone! Remember on March 1, I posted about my experiment to grow tomatoes from tomato slices? Well, I’m excited to report that – it works!

I planted the slices just like the video directed and then I went on vacation to the Grand Canyon. I left my pots with plastic covers over them to keep the soil moist and warm. When I came home and peeked under the plastic, there were a few seedlings popping up! Now there are bunches. When they grow a bit, I’ll have to thin them to just three plants in each pot. I’m keeping my hooves crossed that I keep doing things right! Has anyone else tried this yet? Let me know, please!

The plastic bags I used to make plastic tents for my tomato seeds. They kept the soil moist and warm.
Here I am checking on my experiment. Can you see the little seedlings?
This picture was taken yesterday, March 16, 2017, just over two weeks after I planted the tomato slices. Note to self – next time plant less slices or thinner slices!
This is a second pot. Tons of seedlings! I’ll have to share with friends who like tomatoes as much as I do! Yum!





















Out and about without Scout 03/05/2017

Scout, my young American Brittany and walking companion, had better things to do today, so I walked the property alone. So sad, but look what I found! Half of a worn out, rusty horseshoe. Pretty cool. The horses were interested in what I was looking at and came over to inspect. They’re glad they don’t have to wear shoes.

Yazzie, my husband’s Rocky Mountain Horse mare.
Quincy, my paint gelding.

Dollie’s Tomato DIY- An Easy Way to Grow Tomato Seedlings



Hi everyone. Not every llama likes tomatoes, but I do! The above video from The Wannabe Homesteader site shows a simple way to start tomato plants from a sliced up tomato. I thought this would be a wonderful thing for children to try at home, with a parent’s help to slice the tomato!

So with the help of Nancy, I’m trying this and will update everyone on my success. If you try it too, please pass along your pictures.

Everything you need to start this tomato growing experiment. Peat pots, tomatoes, starting soil, cutting board, and knife.
I opened the starting soil and inspected it. Looks good!
Nancy filled the pots and sliced the tomatoes for me. She did a good job!
I gently packed the soil into the pots and laid the slices of tomato carefully on top.
Nancy covered the tomato slices with a thin layer of starting soil and gently pressed it down. I can almost taste my tomatoes!
I watch as Nancy carefully pours water into each pot to get the soil moist. I’m excited now!



































Let’s hope we see something sprout up soon!

Signed, Dollie Llama


Excellent advice on writing book proposals.

As a writer, I look for advice and help to further my writing efforts. This post in the Northern Colorado Writers, The Writing Bug blog resonated with me this morning. My take-away message: Keep writing. Work through your fears. Do your homework. Have confidence (Do I hear Maria from The Sound of Music, on her way to the von Trapp ?). Keep writing (yes, I meant to repeat that!).